Seriously Fun DIY Kids Crafts eBook

Shown Step by Step

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34 VERY FUN  kids crafts shown step by step with BIG colorful picture instructions easy for kids to follow!

  • 34 Step by Step DIY Kids Craft eBook for all ages up to 12

  • This eBook includes unique crafts that use a variety of materials that allow kids to be creative

  • Children can add their own personal touch to each craft

  • Similar to the Lego Building Instruction Manuals, the  picture instructions are VERY LARGE and numbered so kids will be able to make the crafts on their own from start to finish

  • Kids will have a blast making these crafts alone, with friends at birthdays, and at slumber parties

  • Easy and affordable supplies that can all be purchased at your local craft store like Michaels, Jo-Ann, and Amazon

  •  Adult help is only needed if the children are too young and have not developed strong enough motor skills to fold or cut

  • These crafts were my Afterschool Enrichment Class students most favorite!  

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