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Why I Created a Kids Crafts eBook

Updated: May 3, 2018

The inspiration for “Seriously Fun DIY Kids Crafts, Shown Step by Step book originated from an afterschool class that I had created for elementary schools.

I discovered that elementary schools weren’t offering any afterschool enrichment programs for craft making. All they had were easy seasonal crafts that required parent help to make the majority of the craft. My class was the first of its kind, dedicated into making more sophisticated crafts for elementary children in all grades.

The afterschool craft class had quickly become a hit. The children loved that they could make the crafts on their own from start to finish and add their own personal touches to the craft using their imaginations. The class had shown to become so popular that I had many repeat students enroll in the class throughout each session of the school year, since all the crafts were different, unique, and never repeated.

I had noticed kids trying to sneak supplies into their backpacks to take home to make the crafts with their siblings. And to my delightful surprise, some children had even asked their parents to take them to Michaels so that they could buy supplies and recreate the crafts at home as a family.

I wanted to create an instructional picture book that would recreate a similar format to that of my afterschool craft class. Through detailed pictures explained with step by step instructions, children will be able to create fun and unique crafts all on their own at home.

I created this book mainly for kids, so they would be able to make the crafts on their own just by looking at picture instructions. I wanted the step by step picture instructions to be big, bright, and colorful so kids would gravitate towards them. There are written instructions next to every picture, but kids are so smart and creative that they can figure out how to do the crafts on their own just by looking and the pictures. But of course, if your child is very young, they will need adult help.

I had kids of all ages in my craft class from Kindergarten up to 5th grade and they all enjoyed making these crafts. The one thing that the kids really enjoyed was making the crafts on their own from start to finish. I offered a large variety of different color pipe cleaners, cardstocks, beads, popsicle sticks, pom poms, … so they could be creative and make the craft unique and their very own. The kids loved being creative, girls would add purses, thick lips (lipsticks), flowers, necklaces, babies, ... And boys would add top hats, swords, mustaches, beehives, … to their crafts.

I promise, your kids would love making all the crafts in this book “Seriously Fun DIY Kids Crafts, Shown Step by Step. The supplies for these crafts are affordable and easy to find in stores and online. You can find almost all the supplies in Michael's, Jo-Ann and Amazon.

All the crafts in this book were my students’ favorites, I hope you’ll enjoy making them as much as we did.