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Why Fun Creative Programs Are Just As Important as Educational Programs for Children

61% of households in the United States are dual income earning. Thus comes the dilemma for parents to figure out what to do with their children when the school bell rings at 2:30 pm but the work day isn’t over yet. Afterschool Enrichment programs are what supplements an extra hour or two for parents to enroll their children in. Often times parents fixate on classes that they think are purely educational, such as tutoring or a foreign language, however fun and creative classes are just as beneficial as academic educational classes. Classes that can spark creativity could be be arts, crafts, acting, drama, even sports.

Here is a list of reasons why fun classes are beneficial to children.

1. Creativity

Art and crafting classes allow children to express their creativity while using their imagination.

2. Improved Academic Performance

The skills they learn through creativity and creating things from scratch carry over into their academic achievement.

3. Motor Skills

Making crafts, drawing, sketching, and playing instruments are all activities that help tune children’s hand motor skills.

4. Visual Learning

Building and creating things like sculptures or paintings help develop visual-spatial skills.

5. Confidence

An acting, music, or debate class that requires performing on stage can help build social presentation skills at an early age. Also the mere fact of being able to present an art work or craft to a parent and being praised for their creativity also helps build confidence and the drive to want intrinsic motivation.

Many successful people that we know and recognize for their achievements in society began with early exposure to creative activities.

1. Jordan Peele

Renowned writer and director of the 2017 film “Get Out”, Jordan Peele credited his creative career to his childhood memories of making his own Halloween costumes by hand with his mother.

2. Emma Stone

Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone began her successful career in building confidence in drama class when she was a child.

3. Cristobol Balenciaga

Fashion designer Cristobol Balenciaga learned how to sew from his mother and would help his dressmaker mother as a child.

4. Tom Brady

American football quarterback Tom Brady sparked his football career by participating in basketball and football as a child and began to build confidence and his competitive nature through sports at a young age.

These are just a few examples of how incredibly inspiring a creative fun class can be for children. These afterschool classes are more than just an hour for kids to stay at school longer, they are an important key to learning different skills beyond school hours.

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