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How to start a kids Summer Class Business in your city!

Kids are out of school and parents are looking to sign their children up to keep them busy while they are working. A Summer Day camp is just what they’re looking for. I ran a successful Afterschool Enrichment class, you can read about there here, and I was able to expand it to Birthday Parties, and summer camps. I have been able to master all aspects of children’s extracurricular activities, and I want to share with you my tips on how to start a successful Summer camp business.

First and foremost, you need to be able to offer a class that is unique and fun so that parents would want to sign their kids up, and a class that children will be looking forward to come to everyday of the week.

Summer camp differs from Afterschool classes in two major ways. One way is that it is not held on school campuses, they are most likely held at your city’s designated recreational rooms, like a community center, or at your city’s recreational parks with tables. Secondly, after school classes are held once a week for only one hour, whereas a summer camp classes are held multiple times a week for extended hours.

1. Choose a Class

The first thing you need to do is pick the class you want to teach. I went to my city’s parks and recreation website and downloaded previous summer camp brochures and I looked at what types of classes were already being offered, the days they were being offered, and the price ranges. It’s really important to do this research so that you know what class you can add that isn’t already being offered to stand out, and to be at a competitive price. I have a blog about 16 different class ideas that you can consider.

2. Applying to your city

Once you have your class chosen with the set dates, times, and price, you will need to submit an application with your city. The Parks and Recreation department is usually the sector that handles approving. The application will ask questions like what class you want to hold, whether you’ll need an outdoor or indoor location, the dates and times, the price, the age range of the children attending your class, your maximum capacity of the class, etc. Every city is different, but my city required 3 professional references, a resume detailing the specific class experience, and a sample class outline. If you're approved, you also may have to get general liability insurance and be fingerprint background checked. Registration for your class may differ per city. My city had all registrations done online through the city’s website, and they took a percentage of the revenue, about 65/35.

3. Marketing

You class will be included in the summer brochure of your city, but you should also do marketing of your own. You can create a flyer and post it around the parks in your city, or see if you can get an advertising spot in your cities magazine or newspaper.

4. Plan out the schedule

Set up a precise schedule for each day of you summer class, this includes scheduling in times for the children to take a break from the activities you’re doing to either play, or having a restroom break, or water break. Also ensure you have extra supplies for whatever activity you are doing. If you hire help, make sure that they are well trained and friendly.

Summer classes are a great way to supplement income while school is out. I found this to be a profitable way to extend my already mastered Afterschool class.

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