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How To Run Your Own Afterschool Craft Class Business

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I am always thinking of new inventive business ideas to increase my income. After enrolling my son in afterschool classes at his elementary school, I was inspired and determined to create my own afterschool class, you can read about that here. Starting and running my very own Afterschool Enrichment Class was a daunting task to accomplish at first. I was racking my brain to come up with a class to teach, and I finally decided on creating a Crafts Class!

I had done hours upon hours of research learning about how to be able to be approved by the school districts and meet the requirements to be able to even offer a class.

After my class successfully took off, I reaped the benefits of success and expanded and was able to make $12,000 in 8 weeks. Friends and family members had asked me how if I could teach them how they could start their own Afterschool Class business, so I created a tutorial on how to start and run an Afterschool Enrichment Class Business.

The beauty of the Afterschool Enrichment tutorial is that it teaches you all the steps to becoming an approved vendor, and all the procedures to be able to start any type of afterschool class, whether it be pottery, chess, sports, drama, and more. I have a list of class ideas on my blog here.

I wanted to help anyone with extra time on their hands that needed to make extra money, and let them in on how I achieved just that. I was featured on the Side Hustle Nation and Grit and Hustle Podcast and shared my story. During the days that followed, I got an overwhelming amount of feedback and questions regarding how people can start their own Craft class, just like me! This lead me to the creation of my Afterschool Craft Class Curriculum.

I have created an Afterschool Craft Class Curriculum Tutorial that thoroughly goes over exactly how I taught and ran my Craft Class.The tutorial covers what crafts to teach, how to research what type of crafts, how to order supplies, the exact resources I used to purchase all the supplies, how set up the class, how to teach the craft class, how to manage the craft class, and more. This is all taken from my exact first-hand experience and the way I taught and run my craft class to a T!

It is imperative that you have are an approved vendor and know all the procedures to starting an Afterschool Class business first, which is why the Afterschool Enrichment Class Tutorial and the Afterschool Craft Class Curriculum Tutorial come in a bundle.

If you are ready to start your own Afterschool Enrichment Class, and have determined that you want to teach a Craft Class just like I did, get the Afterschool Craft Class Curriculum package here!