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How To Make Pipe Cleaner Dancers: DIY Kids Pipe Cleaner Craft

These cute and bright pipe cleaner dancers are super fun to make! Get creative with the dancer’s facial expressions and bend them into any position. Not only will kids enjoy making them, but they get to play with them too!

For this craft you will need:

Pipe Cleaners

Round Wooden bead (1 ½’’ with hole)

Pony beads

Pink marker

Black Pen (Fine Gel Ink Roller Ball)

Straw beads

Take 3 pipe cleaners, twist them together to secure them in the center so you end up with a star shape with 6 pipe cleaner points.

Slide the wood bead onto 2 of the top pipe cleaners, 2 straw beads on each of the pipe cleaner arms. Slide 3 pony beads onto the bottom 2 pipe cleaners for the stomach. Separate the pipe cleaners, slide on 2 straw beads with a pony bead in the middle on each pipe cleaner for the legs. Wrap the excess pipe cleaner from arms and legs for hands and feet.

Using the excess pipe cleaner from the wood bead head, bend the pipe cleaner in zigzags while pressing against the bead as you go to make hair.

Draw on the face!

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