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Becoming an Afterschool Enrichment Class Franchisee

Afterschool Enrichment Classes are a fee-based extracurricular program held on school campuses after school, mainly for elementary aged students.

When students are dismissed from school, if their parents sign them up for this, they go directly to these classes. Classes are held once at a week for one hour at a particular school and they run for up to 10 weeks. These classes are run by Afterschool Enrichment vendors, and the vendors can charge anywhere from $100-$250 per student, and the class sizes can vary from 20-30 kids per session.

With so many elementary school available, there is a promising opportunity to make good profit out of these classes.

You don’t have to be tech savvy or have any previous experience as a business owner or have worked with kids in order to run a successful class. If you want to tap into this industry and aren’t sure what class to hold or really how to run the class, becoming an Afterschool Franchisee might be ideal for you.

There are a number of benefits of being an Afterschool Enrichment Franchisee:

1. You don’t have to come up with an original class idea because franchises are an already established brand.

2. They already have a business concept and operating model.

3. You will have an allotted territory of schools that you can bring the class to.

4. You will never have to come up with what activity to do for each class and materials will be provided to you.

5. You will have full support and training from the franchise.

Essentially, you will have someone holding your hand through the whole process. However, with this amount of support and help also comes with large investments and fees. You will have to share the profit with the franchiser with royalties and the startup investment to become a franchisee can be in $30,000 in the low range to $100,000 or more.

It’s not difficult to start your own Afterschool Class without the help of a franchise. Since you’re reading this blog you’re actively looking to start your own business, so you have the entrepreneurial spirit that it takes to create your own original class.

With your own class, you only have to spend a fraction of the start-up cost that you would for a franchise, and you would have full creative control over what class you want to teach, what schools to go to, and how much profit you can make.

I started and ran my own after school class on my own, you can read about that here. I’ve been able to expand to teaching multiple classes at multiple school across many districts. I have an after school class tutorial that teaches you exactly how to create and run your own successful Afterschool class, that you could eventually turn into a franchise as well.

I want to teach you how you can be your own boss and start making money by only having to work part time and have fun working with children.

Why aren’t you tapping into this business yet?

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