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16 Afterschool Enrichment Class Ideas

Running your own afterschool class is an awesome way to make money. It’s very low startup cost, you only have to dedicate 1 hour a day of work, and you get to work with kids! A major key to running and maintaining a successful afterschool class, is the actually class itself. You want to be sure you teach a class that you are not only comfortable teaching, but also that the kids will absolutely love, and that parents would continually sign their children up for.

Let’s face it, coming up with original ideas are really difficult. Here’s a list of 16 Afterschool Classes that you can bring to an elementary school along with the materials needed, so you can start brainstorming ideas to start your own business and start increasing your income!

1. Craft Making Class


· Scissors (right and left handed), wet glue, glue stick, pencils, pens, markers, colored cardstock, and other materials to make more unique crafts such as feathers or googly eyes

2. Jewelry Class


· Scissors (right and left handed), pliers, jewelry clamps, lobster claws, pony beads, wood beads, markers, colored string, yarn, elastic string, pipe cleaners.

3. Art i.e. drawing, painting Class


· Paper, scissors (right and left handed), glue, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, paint brushes

4. Pottery and Ceramics Class


· Ceramic clay, mason stain (coloring), Kiln oven or regular oven, clay sculpting tools

5. Cooking Class


· Aprons, plates, cups, forks, spoons, stove, cooking tools, fresh food ingredients

6. Drama Class


· Script, props i.e. costumes, wigs, hats

7. Singing Class


· Music lyrics, audio music, speakers

8. Dance Class


· Choreography, music

9. Sewing (Fashion) Class


· Fabric scissors (right and left handed), needles, thimbles, cloth, fabric, sewing machine, stuffing, feathers, felt, thread

10. Musical Instruments i.e. keyboard, guitar Class


· Instrument rentals, or have students bring their own instruments

11. Chess Class


· Chess board and pieces

12. Lego Building Class


· Legos and manuals on how to build the projects

13. Photography Class


· Camera rentals

14. Sports Class i.e. Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis


· Balls, nets, racquets

15. Speech and Debate Class


· Debate topics

If you’re techy:

16. Computer Programming/Coding Class


· Computers lab, programs/software

So, you’ve got an idea of what class you want to teach. Now you need to know how to start and run it at elementary schools. I’ve have already run my own successful Afterschool classes and I know everything about the process. I have a thorough Afterschool Class tutorial that shows you step by step how you can start your own Afterschool Class business. Why try to spend hours doing research on your own when I have already gone through and mastered it.

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