My Story,


Hi! My name is May. I'm an entrepreneur, wife, and mother. I’m also a fashionista and love to cook.

My first business was selling goods on eBay, back in the days when not too many people had heard of eBay and PayPal. I started by buying cell phone accessories from local wholesalers and selling them at retail price on eBay. My garage was my warehouse, office was my bedroom, and prepping station was my dining table. Within two years, I started importing cell accessories from China and moved to an actual office with a big warehouse. I did very well on eBay for about 8 years, but once eBay became very popular, it attracted all sorts of unscrupulous sellers. Also, the cell phone accessory business became very saturated and was no longer profitable, so I decided to move on to a new business.


While I was selling my cell phone accessories on eBay, my husband and I started to import security cameras from Taiwan and sold them to distributors throughout the United States. We had a good run with that business for 10 years until that market became saturated, and our office phones stopped ringing with orders. Not an exaggeration, literally stopped ringing. It was a very hard time for us financially, and till this day my stomach churns when I think about it.


My husband eventually found a corporate full-time job and I was scrambling to find a business that I could run from home. My son was only 5 years old and I really wanted to be involved in his school and sport activities. My Father was selling imported leather goods from Germany in his home country and suggested I try it out in the United States. I started with a small order and tried selling them to retail stores across the U.S. for a year without success. Since I had to unload the goods I had imported from Germany, I tried selling them on Amazon.


To my surprise and relief, sales picked up on Amazon and I started to place larger orders with the manufactures in Germany. My business on Amazon picked up after a year and I was able to help pay the bills, work from home, and be active in my son’s daily life.


Because of my past experiences with ups and downs of business, I did not want to put all my eggs in one basket. I really wanted to diversify and find a second business that will not occupy too much of my time. Since my son loved the Afterschool Enrichment Classes his elementary school was offering, I decided to start one, on my own. My son loved making crafts, so I decided to create the very first “Craft” afterschool enrichment class at my son’s school.My craft class was such a hit that I eventually hired employees and expanded to all the elementary schools in my district.


I really love teaching my Crafts class. It’s such a joy working with kids when they are happy and having fun. My students loved making the crafts so much that they would sneak supplies into their backpacks, to have their siblings at home make the craft too. Then I thought, I should create a book compiled of my students most favorite crafts that we made together. I wanted to make a step by step picture instructional book for crafts with large colorful images which children could make by simply following the picture steps with very little help from an adult. I spent 6 grueling months learning how to take great pictures and how to format a book. When I finally had it ready for print, to my shocking surprise, it was extremely expensive to print a 170-page color book. So, to make my book available and affordable, I decided to sell it as an eBook on Amazon.


Thanks for showing an interest in my products and programs I am offering. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.